WHY CHOOSE Mobile shield

  • Adaptability: 3 available heights
  • Radiation protection: 10 mm lead equivalent shielding
  • Ideal visual control: large radiation protection viewing window


This mobile shield with 10 mm lead shielding allows to reduce full-body exposure during:

  • preparations,
  • radiolabelling,
  • quality control,
  • isotopic cell labelling
  • and other handling operations of low and medium energy SPECT radioisotopes such as 99mTc

Ideal flexibility while ensuring radiation protection

Thanks to its 3 available heights, it is perfectly adapted to work under a laminar flow hood or in a microbiological safety cabinet.
It is also possible to request a specific height with the innovative design of its frame. Its positioning and stability are secured by 4 castors, each equipped with a brake.
Its wide, 12° angle radiation protection viewing window ensures visual control of the current operation.

Mobile shield, designed for an ergonomic use

The 10 mm lead equivalent shielding is optimised as it is located both on the lead shield, the laminated lead glass viewing window, and also on the entire shielding base, which slides under the work surface of the laminar flow hood or microbiological safety cabinet, in order to provide additional protection for the user gonads in the case of complex and long radioisotope manipulations requiring work in a seated position.
Its structure is made of painted steel, which allows for quick and easy daily cleaning with disinfectant wipes or by direct spraying with disinfectant spray or other decontaminant products.


  • Total height 650 mm - External dimensions: L 734 x D 658 x H 1 329 mm
    - Height when inclined: 650 mm
    - Weight: 106 kg
  • Total height 670 mm - External dimensions: L 734 x D 708 x H 1 264 mm
    - Height when inclined: 670 mm
    - Weight: 107 kg
  • Total height 770 mm - External dimensions: L 734 x D 711 x H 1 363 mm
    - Height when inclined: 770 mm
    - Weight: 108 kg
  • Structure: Acier peint
  • Lead glass thickness: 24 mm
  • Radiation protection: 10 mm de plomb


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