WHY CHOOSE Combined transport trolley for manual injection

  • Easy to decontaminate: stainless steel and delrin construction
  • Easy to manoeuvre: fitted with handles, small overall dimensions to cross the pass-throughs easily.
  • Ergonomic: 2 trays with cavities for stable positioning of accessories during transport, 1 intermediate tray with rims for the patient perfusion/injection equipment.


Specially designed for multi-purpose applications, the combined transport trolley is a healthcare trolley for manual injections of radiopharmaceutical drugs in nuclear medicine.

Ease of move thanks to the combined transport trolley

It can be mobile or static, and is compatible with SPECT or PET activities. On its first level it can accommodate, a shielded radiopharmaceutical dose carrier. As well as a shielded benchtop waste bin, to store used and contaminated needles and syringes after injection to the patient.

It features a total of three independent levels to adapt to the needs and applications of the services.
With fitted and machined cavities on its first level, each item (bin and case) has a dedicated location for stability during use.

The middle level tray allows the storage of infusion equipment as well as accessories and consumables necessary for patient injections. It is made of stainless steel with a rim to prevent material from falling out when moving.

With two large handles at each end for easy manoeuvrability, it is perfectly mobile with its four double castors. These castors have brakes to ensure stability when used in static conditions. It can also be located in the radiopharmaceutical administration rooms or gamma camera rooms. It allows to avoid unnecessary travel. And keeps all the necessary equipment close to the users, particularly for dynamic scintigraphic examinations.

With its stainless steel and POM composition, it allows for easy daily cleaning and quick decontamination.


  • Total dimensions: L 661 x D 400 x H 973 mm
  • Component parts:
    - 304L stainless steel structure
    - 2 natural POM trays
    - 1 stainless steel tray
    - 4 double castors with brakes
  • Tray external dimensions: L 400 x D 600 mm
  • Effective dimensions 1st level: with waste bin and carrier cavities - L 400 x D 600 mm - height/floor: H 730 mm
  • Effective dimensions 2nd level: L 339 x D 528 mm - height/floor: H 420 mm
  • Effective dimensions 3rd level: L 360 x D 450 mm - height/floor: H 130 mm
  • Weight of trolley alone: 50 kg
  • Weight with LME carrier and bin: 70 kg
  • Weight with HE carrier and bin: 120 kg


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