WHY CHOOSE Medi 64 shielded waste bin

  • Compatible with DASRI boxes
  • Robustness: internal walls covered with ABS plastic to limit the corrosion caused by the decontaminating products.
  • Manoeuvrability: 4 independent casters
  • Ergonomics: gas spring for easy opening/closing and hold the lid open
  • Optimum radiation protection: pivoting cover with handle to dispose of needles without opening the lid completely


The Medi 64 shielded waste bin is intended for disposable items contaminated with short-halflife radionuclides.

This bin is available in 2 capacities: 20 and 55 litres; and in 2 models: Low & Medium Energy and High Energy.

The Medi 64 shielded waste bin lead and stainless-steel walls make it entirely safe in use.

The outer walls are coated with epoxy paint for the 20- and 55-litre waste bins.

The 20- and 55-litre bins are equipped with a cylinder that facilitates opening, enables the lid to be latched in the open position and prevents it from slamming shut.

For even greater convenience and protection, the bin is fitted with an 11-cm, pivoting, shielded “post-box” so that the lid does not have to be lifted to throw in small waste items.

The 20- and 55-litre bins are mounted on 4 casters and easily movable.

Click here for more information about Lemer Pax and Medisystem partnership.


  • Radiation protection: 10 mm lead
  • 20L / 32L usable volume : Overall dimensions: L 430 x D 470 x H 920 mm / Internal dimensions: L 250 x D 250 x H 570 mm / Weight: 130 kg
  • 55L / 65L usable volume : Overall dimensions: L 470 x D 470 x H 1040 mm / Internal dimensions: L 310 x D 310 x H 700 mm / Weight: 192 kg
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